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There is a consensus of belief, or at least of statement, 1. The phrase Consensus of opinion, which is not actually redundant (see sense 1a; the sense that takes the phrase is slightly older), has been so often claimed to be a redundancy that many writers avoid it. 2. You are safe in using Consensus alone when it is clear you mean Consensus …. 3. Sentence with the word consensus.

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Example sentences for "consensus" in popular movie and book plots No consensus can be made on his stated desire to live out his days on a planet of humans, with doubts remaining as to his actual intent. Consensus means substantial agreement has been reached by directly and materially affected interest categories. This signifies the concurrence of more than a simple majority, but not necessarily unanimity. Consensus requires that all views and objections be considered, and that an effort be made toward their resolution. See the collocations of consensus with usage examples.

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Consensus in a sentence | consensus example sentences We will reach a consensus and we. The consensus was that she meant it.

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Consensus in a sentence

The Short Guide to Consensus building (and theHandbookon which it is based)offers an alternative that builds on several decades of experience with effective Consensus building techniques and strategies. consensus sentence in Hindi.

However, the  English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word " Consensus" in Example Sentences Page 1 Click [S] to see translations from the  When there's a consensus, everyone agrees on something. If you're going to a movie with friends, you need to reach a consensus about which movie everyone   How to use 'general consensus' in a sentence.
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The consensus of antiquity. 2. The general consensus of ignorance was quite normal. 3.

Examples of a consensus in a sentence: 1.
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HERE are many translated example sentences containing "CONSENSUS" - english-swedish  Translations in context of "THE GENERAL CONSENSUS" in english-swedish.